The Ceramic Grave

“Jesus Christ, Maria,” I sighed, staring at the remains of the vase on the floor. The blood red roses lay atop the white shards on the floor behind me. “What the fuck was that for?”
“You know exactly what that was for, Ray!” Despite her tone, I grew a little excited watching her tongue vibrate as she rolled the “r” in “Ray.” It reminded me of the first time I saw her mouth up close.
I was doing the dishes when she barged in. Joan worked the night shift tonight, but the full sink managed to keep the echo of her nagging voice ringing throughout the house, so I gritted my teeth and donned a pair of rubber gloves.
I tore my eyes away from the ceramic grave behind me.
“What do you want from me, Maria? What do you want me to say?”
“Where’s your puta, huh?”
“Working.” She strode up right in front of me, and a cloud smelling of tequila and some floral perfume assaulted my nostrils. The fury painted on her tan face told me I wasn’t getting a kiss. She instead jammed her finger right over my heart, the force of it striking me like a bullet.
“It’s her or me, Ray.” Her finger dug deeper.  “Her or me.  Two months ago, you told me I was yours. You’re still here in this puta’s house.”
I sighed and looked at the wall, the broken vase, the floor, her chest, anywhere but her eyes.  I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a dirty plate, but the old food bits made it difficult to make out my expression.
“Her,” I whispered and glanced again toward at the roses behind me, wishing they could have stayed neat and perfect in their vase forever.
Her fist clenched, and I braced myself, but she turned and walked toward the door.
“Wait,” I said. She paused, turned her head, and threw her angry eyes toward mine. “So…this is it then?”
I winced as the slamming door shouted her answer. I stared at it for an eternity before picking up the next plate and watching the glare of the light overhead grow brighter as I scrubbed the residue away.

3 thoughts on “The Ceramic Grave

  1. I love the way you depicted the character's accent perfectly (in the way she speaks and the narrator's descriptions of her).I like this a lot, a simple conversation with an extended plot. LOVE ITCONGRATS on being the 2nd post!(well, if you don't count the awesome test post that shall remain there forever!)

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