Mum’s Favorite Pudding Cake

you start with a pinch of loyalty
add in a few drops of emotion
maybe some empathy to spice it up

four grams of heart 
two spoonfuls of knowledge
and five cups of strength
mixed these ingredients well
if it isn’t a strong whole
it will crumble when baked

at your choosing pick 3 of the 5 ingredients:
work them into the mix

now for best results kneed the ingredients together
for as long as possible
the more you care for it
the better it will be


2 thoughts on “Mum’s Favorite Pudding Cake

  1. You've got me wondering which ingredients to pick. I think I'd choose respect, love and ability. I'm kind of curious what everyone else would pick.I love this! I have my theories on what this is a recipe for! I really like the mystery of it all.

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