My phone keeps vibrating, missed calls, text messages, voicemails. Eventually I’ll just turn it off.  I left my condo before sunrise to avoid anyone; well everyone who I knew was going to stop by excited for no reason. On top of that, this semi important meeting is only getting closer. But now I’m escaping my world living care free, with the person I crave the most.

I have been smoking too much, I’m nervous maybe. Dre, he makes me this way yet we have so much fun. Seven months today since we met at a small poetry club. I hate poetry with its seemingly complex structures, but his words, his voice clung to me. His eyes are a never ending tunnel of darkness and secrets that I always get lost in. I had to have more.  We don’t go out much, but when we do, it is never local. He says he wants us to explore new things together and get away from the norm.  At first I thought how considerate, but I’m not that naïve. His spoken words and tenders hands are touching more than just me, yet this man is who I need.

But today we sit on the couch, in his mother’s living room, stalling. I still have that meeting to be at soon and I’m not prepared to go. Being analytical about every detail in my life has never failed me until now. My high expectations of the man of my dreams and the father of my future children were somewhat shattered yet already in place. He has no job, no college education. Dre has nothing for me except for this unexplainable passion that I can’t and won’t give up. My times is wrapped up in something that I don’t see no future in. Well I don’t know, I guess I love him. I love him. Momma is disappointed about this, which grips at my heart because she is my number one. She wants me to finish college, and most importantly marry the man who is worthy of me.

I have to put the blunt down and leave. There are diamonds and ocean fronts waiting for me.  My phone is back on and back to vibrating, tweets, Facebook statues, emails. All this social network is overwhelming Dre’s arms release me and we kiss. I let him know I’ll call him when I get back from closing the deal.  I have to get ready and meet my fiancé at alter in a couple of hours.

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