Her Song

The blues of Wind,
The sultry sound of it
Remixed with waves washing the cliff’s shores.
The gentle warmth of its breeze
Brushes my skin and cleanse my soul.
My hair gets ruffled
My skirt sways to its calls.
Colorful kites settle in the sky
Frisbees slice through air, laughs carried,
Wind giving the destination.  
Then I see her,
Long black lashes
Flutters to the bass.                                                                                  
Her feet guide her close,
Dangerously close to the edge.
The melody rocks her,
Wind  sings her forward.


4 thoughts on “Her Song

  1. I can really see this in my head right now, my eyes just follow wherever you lead me too. This part is my favorite!:"The blues of Wind,The sultry sound of itRemixed with waves washing the cliff’s shores. "

  2. Oh, man. I LOVE this. You are so good with imagery, it's scary. I have a suggestion. Maybe make this part into a second stanza: "Then I see her,Long black lashesFlutters to the bass. Her feet guide her close,Dangerously close to the edge.The melody rocks her,Wind sings her forward."

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