My car, my computer and my
Mind have a habit of overheating.
“Just blast the heater,” someone said
And he was right I discovered while
Driving home from work, sitting in the stomach of
Downtown LA moving 5 miles an hour toward
Home. My toes were burning up from the heat,
But I made it home without that weekly appointment with
The side of the road.

And you know people will just pass you
Right up because hazard lights are too
Inconvenient. Sorry that I use emergency
Lights in the event of emergency unlike
Most that just use them when
They park in the red while waiting for
Someone to be done dropping off the
Mail or getting ready for that big date tonight
Or even smoking weed in their car before they go
See that one movie or Princess Aurora at Disneyland.
It’s another world inside of another world inside of another
World that you happen to be stuck in and that’s just

Hey, quit your honking! Use the crosswalk!
There was no one behind me couldn’t you wait to
Why would you cut me off and brake? You know you can
Make a right on a red, right? Turn off your goddamn
Brights. Shit, it’s a cop, quick roll your tinted windows down.
Don’t throw that cigarette butt out the window. SLOW DOWN.

Quit your honking,
Quit your Pacing
Quit your jonsing
Quit your bitching.

While I wait for my mind to cool


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