And now my clothes are falling 

Off . I laughed too hard and my
Clothes are falling off. 
I’m so distraught strewn and
Fucked up right now. Today’s a 
Good day I guess. We’re outside of a
Party watching Christmas lights 
Dance in February and it’s an odd 
Experience. “We might get lost right 
“That’s okay I don’t mind either 
Way. I’m down to be lost or 
There.” I smoked my cigarette 
And thought how comfortable the
Road was an the music and the laughter
And I realized our bodies
We’re just the transportation and 
Our minds are home 
Always. The key to the front door is
Your heartbeat and when you give the 
Key to the wrong people everything will
Shut down. But who am I kidding
I’m just a girl that’s too fucked up to
Go into this party. 

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