At Ease

“I believe a poem is in order,” Laura said
Authoritatively, while walking swiftly beside
Me. “It is,” I replied, ashing my cigarette,
“And that’s the first line.”

We cling to our lifestyle because, hey,
It works. So stick with us and we’ll get
Stuck in your head just like that
Attractive song you will sing with
Guilty eyes. You don’t want to admit we’ve
Gotten your attention.

So, let me tell you a story. “What kind of
Story?” You may ask. The kind that is worth
Mentioning. Last night, as I swayed on the corner
Waiting for the diagonal crosswalk to receive heaven-
Sent signals allowing us to cross with good intentions,
A stranger overheard my nonsensical
Banter, offering out a fist-bump of

I laughed happily, and the light turned green.
We shared the same diagonal walk. “I hope you
Don’t mind, I’m walking with you!” I shouted, and he
Smiled, slowed down his pace, and offered me an arm
To latch on to. I fastened my arm with his without
Hesitation, skipping across the intersection arms
Intertwined. When the opposite corner approached,
Our ways were separated with a simple high five
As I screamed after him, “I’m going to remember this

It seems, there’s a new tune
Stuck in my head. I guess we’re
not the only ones that can
Get someone’s attention.


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