Car Conversations

“Are you okay?”


“You’re so quiet.”

“I was just thinking about children’s books and how they’re always right…but they’re so boring.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean, they always have a lesson at the end. All of this shit happens to you, and then you learn your lesson.”

“Well, that’s the point.”

“I know, but what is that telling us as children? That you learn your lesson and then you die?”

“Well, yeah. That would be so cool to be a children’s book. You go through life with these experiences and meet cool people and learn from it.”

“I guess it all depends on what children’s book you’re in. Alice In wonderland, sure, that’d be awesome. But not as awesome in comparison with The Velveteen Rabbit. Or even If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, I’d love to be that mouse getting all the cookies. But think about that little kid that just wants the mouse to be his friend, but all the mouse wants from him is cookies.”

“Well then that will teach you not to hang out with mice.”


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