I swear these people bleed just

 For the color. Keen blue oceans

 Of lust and love And miscellaneous.

 Anger over the heartbreaker,

 Waltzing around as a dogged

 Target. Perked up assets make

 The eye not wander

 But rest. 


 I can see you rearranging the past

 With your mind as you live on

 Your couch upon a hill. The bitter

 After taste of nostalgia cutting the

 Tongue. But tomorrow makes

 Promises of rain. 


And now I’ve lost my feet. I don’t know

Where they’ve roamed off to. Maybe

They grew wings and flew to the gods as

Messenger. Or maybe to hell as a warning

To all you sinners out there,

Thinking your water will turn to wine.

And I’m sorry but the wine is just too



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