Thank You

Empires will expire.
Countries fall.

Transparency might retire.
Open forums
erect walls.

Familes raising
famished loved ones.
Bedtime stories grow dull.

Ozone layer implodes.
Solar flares inspire
dialect in doomsday mode.

Jesus’ second coming
is proof,

what we do with paranormals.

Superpowers bomb the skies.
Diplomacy is target one- they
turn on each other in kind.

Economy’s in downturn,
housing markets collapse.

Zombie apocalypse realized.
The air we breathe
is anthrax.

Thank you always for
being my awning,

Thank you for your strength.

Ends of days wouldn’t be so sane
were we not contemporaries.

Whatever happens,
whatever amasses,
whatever the hell might wipe us out
Whereever I am, with
whomever you are

Whatever I owe you is paramount.



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