Red (Episode One)

Dear Mom and Dad,

So far it’s been an interesting experience here on Mars. They said they’re working on getting the shuttle fixed so we can get sent home soon. It’s going to take forever though. Even all of the stupid long distance relationships I was in couldn’t beat this distance. I feel so far away from home. I’m starting to forget the simple things, like the color of the front door.  Or even our home address.  I’m not sure how this letter will get to you, it’s not like the United States Post Office is really that dedicated to all of their citizens. Hey, am I still a U.S. citizen? I mean, since I’m here on Mars, do you think I really belong anywhere now? Maybe I’m considered an alien. Just like Dad was an alien when he first came to the United States. Mom, why did I think this was a good idea? I swear, my head gets filled up sometimes and bloats and I think I can be anything I want to be. And you know, I can try and that’s fine and all, but really? Trying to be the first actress on Mars? I mean, come on, now that I think about it, that’s laughable. Who was I kidding?

You know, I’m kind of upset out here. I’m trying to stay positive like you’re always telling me to, Mom. But it’s getting tougher. There was a lady that traveled with us here. She wanted to be the first artist on Mars. So, she brought her child with her. A ten year old boy. He seems nice. But, she didn’t mention to anyone that she was pregnant. And the doctors, well, they couldn’t really help her without medication or anything, and the baby’s head was wrapped around the umbilical cord…and we’re just trying to stay positive. And that poor kid. He’s an orphan now. His name is Jaden. I’m trying to be motherly to him, but I don’t really know how I’ve never really had kids I mean I’m twenty years old. I wish you were here Mom, I know you’d know how to take care of him.

I just wanted to let you know, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. If I don’t make it back to earth…well, I want you to know at least I learned my lesson.

Until next time,




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