The Overwhelming Stress That Comes With Being A Passenger (Part ONE)


ANGELA, late 20s, her white skin brightens with her dark clothing, lands heavily in her sit as the rusty train hisses on. She looks around cautiously at the people that surround her.

A YOUNG MAN, late teens, cropped hair, wearing Abercrombie is across from her studying his laptop viciously. Angela grins at the site.

A BUSINESSMAN, early 50s, stern, with a greying beard sits to her diagonal to her. He has papers sprawled out on his flip down tray reading them steadily.

Her seat is kicked from behind by A YOUNG GIRL, 6, who is attempting to stand up in her seat, but is angrily brought down by her MOTHER, 40s, Stepford wife material.


Jenna! You calm down right this instant young lady!

The young girl, startled, squats down immediately and pouts. Angela tries to hide her amusement as the mother leans forward in between the seats.


Sorry about that. Angela looks behind her quickly.

ANGELA (Sarcastically)

Not a problem! She turns around annoyed.

She looks up at the seat light shining above her. She reaches and turns it off.


God, I wonder how many people have touched that.

She stares down at her hand and shrugs.  She leans her head on her palms.


Sooo many germs. Geez this place must be filthy. I wonder how often they clean it. Probably once a day, if that and since it’s close to…

Angela looks down at her watch.


3:45 that means that I have just touched a days worth of train riders finger tips. Whatever these kind strangers have touched, I have now touched. Ah. Trains.

She adjusts herself in her seat and reaches in her bag for her glasses.  She puts them on quietly and leans her head back a moment.  Abruptly, she sits back up.


Nope, not gonna happen. How do people sleep on trains? I mean what if I miss my stop? What if I don’t wake up? I mean a complete stranger could sit next to me, take all my belongings and I’d wake up, stuck far past my stop, with no luggage. Wouldn’t that be a ball.

She slumps back in her chair and tilts her head back in boredom.

ALBERT, the ticket man, late 20s, cropped hair wearing the whole get up, begins to walk down the aisles checking to make sure people have been checked in. He passes Angela calmly as she tilts her head down. He back tracks, stops in front of her and looks up at where her ticket information would be. There is none.



She smiles and sits up calmly.


Ya, definitely.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her crumbled ticket. Unfolds it and hands it to him.

ALBERT (Enthusiastically)

Happy Friday!

She smiles and LAUGHS.

ANGELA (kindly)

Couldn’t have come soon enough!

Albert scans the ticket and hands it back to her.


So I’m guessing it’s an actual Friday for you?


Yes it is! Exciting!


Lucky you, sadly it’s not mine.

Angela is comfortable with the situation and remains upbeat.


Ah bummer!


But I did have two days off during the week so-


So what do you have to complain about!

Albert looks at her in silence, and walks away to the next row of seats. She looks confused.


What the hell was that? Did I offend him in some way? Did I come off as bitchy, because I do do that sometimes. God damn, every time. No wonder I’m single, this is just ridiculous. Should definitely try harder to think before I speak. Geez, trains.

She looked back to watch him walk toward the row down the way and stop. He quietly takes peoples tickets, scans them and hands them back. She looks down at the Young girl, who is fast asleep. She makes eye contact with the Mother, forces a smiles and sinks back in her seat.


I was the only one that he talked to? Or did he do that to everyone and I just ruined his day? God, I should really stop thinking about it. He probably doesn’t give a shit and has already forgotten about me. Ya, definitely. No big deal. Not. At. All.

Angela takes a deep breath and plays with the mesh pouch in front of her. She scans the car again, same people doing the same things.

To be continued…


One thought on “The Overwhelming Stress That Comes With Being A Passenger (Part ONE)

  1. I feel like you captured like a day in my life! It was perfect. I felt like I was sitting next to you on the train!

    Which we should totally do sometime by the way. :p

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