Excerpt from ‘The Crux’

” ‘Don’t we all need a little drive in life doctor?  Something that fuels the passion in our veins?  Makes our brains rattle with enthusiasm and fear as we prepare to do things we’ve never done before?’  Connie looks deep into Martin’s eyes.

‘Do you feel this is your job?’ Martin asks.

She leans forward as she drags her cigarette, too enthralled to sit still. ‘These people, their story…it brings an adrenaline out in me that I can’t explain.  It’s the thrill of making simple lives into something greater.’  She eyeballs Martin forcefully as he jots down notes.

‘The only difference between me and a novelist is that these people are real.  I’m bringing characters into the real world; creating people that don’t hold back.  What they think they do, they want something, by god they better go out and get it!

Why do you think fiction is so addicting, and entertaining?  These characters are taking risks and chasing after the things that matter to them.  The addiction to be like these people in books, is the courage to follow instinct and opportunity!’  She takes another drag as she collects her thoughts.

‘This drive that I have enabled these people to take hold of is what keeps them alive.’

Martin stops writing and looks up. ‘And what about the people that are happy the way they are?’

Connie stops pacing and leans on the back of her chair.  ‘then the drive is what kills them.’  “


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