The Name of the Game (by Nicholas Gagnier and Holden Lyric)

Come on come on

waiting on that load

screen to lure me into

that new world where

everyone’s a hero with



and fame.


It’s the name of the

game life on hold I’ll

spend hours making

holes in my brain I’m

here to save the princes

get the gold

save the world from



I’m an avatar of hard times,


moral grey.


The transformation’s merely

digital but something

more subliminal has

taken hold, awoken a

criminal in



stuck a cork in

morality, because boy,

catharsis does not

come cheap.


Tonight these

boulevards don’t

acknowledge brakes- when will the


stop? I imagine all

the citizens saying.


If it’s any consolation,

they had me, and

then they let

me go.


In reality I’d rather

be chasing chickens

with swords and

planting bombs in



Jumping off cliffs

and running into

walls. I have my off

days but luckily my

pixilated fame lets me

start my heartbeat again

all I have to do is listen

to some disappointed

music and wait for the

“Game Over” screen to

stop its bleeding.


2 thoughts on “The Name of the Game (by Nicholas Gagnier and Holden Lyric)

  1. Reblogged this on my success story and commented:
    Really good poem, I think it captures a lot of intricate details people don’t usually notice – gamers or not. It does show however, someone seeking purpose in their life and playing a game simply gives you the authority and power to make a difference while giving you the freedom to do whatever and the uncanny ability to try again limitless times no matter how precarious or impossible the situations. Beautiful poem 🙂

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