Learn To Play (Sestina)

Learn to Play


Listen while the vinyl plays 1

The kettle, rimmed of boiling water, steams over 2

A younger version of you, appears ghostly seated on the stairs 3

A dog whimpers carries over the music 4

The house sits silhouetted under a black rose  5

A beautiful morning to watch everything fall  6


Everything’s continuous spring blends into fall  6

Sit outside to watch youths perform a screen play 1

Infusions of life, are filled like a blooming rose 5

Optimism loss weight, so swings over 2

Absent of sound, but feels like music 4

No is no difference, only changed a perception of the stairs 3


We limit ourselves by our progression or regression of stairs 3

Praying loved ones never fall 6

Feeling cords of music 4

Everything we like to play 1

Feelings under, yet never over 2

Pricked by the rose 5


Scents hit the nose, reminiscent of the rose 5

Ghosts of yesteryears drift up the spiral stairs 3

Until you stuck under, looking up, over 2

Hoping too soon, you wont fall 6

To think, you thought a play 1

But you do fall a sleep, to the sound of the music 4


You dance out loud to the sound of the music 4

They ask are we going to play? 1

You say play, play until we fall 6

Roll down the stairs 3

Roll with laughter, till it pricks like a rose 5

Then we start all over 2


Then over again, then over and over 2

Until there is none left to play 1

Bitterness stings the tongue like the thorn of a rose 5

Once spiral, now lay flattened stairs 3

Until with exhaustion we fall 6

To no sound of music 4


There’s nothing left over2, to cover the rose 5

No more music4,that rises over stair s

Some fall6, while others try to play 1


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