Last Call

“It’s a long story” I said, but he wanted to hear it all anyways.

“Every detail” he said.

Hesitant of this new found friend I started off slow, making this event in my life boring and plain.

He was eager to learn more.

By this time in the night, having drank away my protective skin, I decided to let go.

Every detail was explained, every moment was reenacted, and every beat made my heart shutter as I lived through this terrible tragedy once again.

When I reached the end, the bar had become a wasteland.

Drunken men and women trying to figure out where their friends went, while the bar keep stacked glasses from the empty tables and clanked them into the sink.

The silence in our conversation was becoming awkward so I slowly gulped what was left of my glass, and my pride.  He said nothing in return for my words, and at the time I thought it typical. “Give it a minute, he is just taking it all in”

I smiled and stood up to visit the bathroom.

When I returned my friend was gone.

Now he’s just a stranger roaming the streets. Knowing too much about someone he will never see again.


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