Hold Nothing Sacred

Hold nothing sacred. Not the shots not the laughter not the pipe

in your hand not the people. You’ll all grow apart one day from

each other from the earth you’ll all fade away. The cigarettes always

burn to the filter the movies always end with love, with a bang.

Whatever it is, it will all fade away. Characters live on in mind

and memory but even those fade away. Minds get buried memories

decay it all gets lost in translation from generation to generation we all

fade away.


Your body will wilt, tides of wrinkles, tsunamis of heart beats

eroding the bones, the marrow will bleed and seep through the dirt.

And we’ll all fade away.


Not a single number will matter. No equations balance out just right,

binary codes, dietary restrictions, numbers in the bank account days in

a month it just won’t matter. All that matters is matter all that matters is

nothing. That’s what matters. The truth– that big fat fucking pink elephant

standing in the middle of the goddamn earth–the truth that nothing matters

because we all fade away.


No prices no people will matter freedom will ring in silence as the whole

damn universe sits calmly, freezes right in place no gravity no revolutions

just silence and solitude.


But the whole damn earth is determined to defy the truth by circling around

and round just following gravity’s lead in the many equations that lead us to

fighting the black hole– that universe holding us all in its heart.



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