The Overwhelming Stress That Comes With Being A Passenger (Part TWO)


-Angela is repositioning herself in her chair.

-Angela is reading a book, looking utterly bored. She shuts it and puts it in the mesh pouch.

-Angela is playing with her sunglasses, seeing what the light looks like with them on and off.

-Angela is turning the light on and off.

-She checks the time, it has only been 5minutes. She GROANS in agony.


Angela is drooped over her chair past out. He glasses partially on her face. The people that surrounded her are now gone. Albert passes looking at the ticket above her. He stops and leans into her.



She doesn’t move a muscle.


Excuse me ma’am?

Angela snaps up violently, Albert jumps back surprised. She looks around and fixes herself. She sets her eyes on Albert.


Oh my god! Im so sorry, I must’ve dosed off. Did I miss my stop?!

She looks around at the empty seats and begins to panic.


Shit, how long have I been sleeping?! Jesus Christ, I knew this would happen, trains, I can’t do them. One minute I’m prepared for the journey, and the next thing I know, I just can’t sit and do absolutely nothing for what seems like days, you know? Cause I’m an artist, my mind constantly rambling around, so I have to-

Albert smiles and holds back laughter.


You didn’t miss your stop. I thought that I would let you know that it’s coming up.

Angela blushes.


Oh, okay. Well then thanks.

Albert begins to walk away smiling.


No problem.

Angela leans back in her chair and tries to calm herself. She shakes her head.


What the fuck was that Angela?!

ANGELA (V.O.) (hyped)

‘Oh, I’m an artist, so I’m going to annoy the

shit out of you while all you’re trying to do is work’

God, stupid, stupid, stupid. You should really just

stop talking to people all together.

Angela gazes out the window at the sites passing by.


Ya, ya I’ll just do that.

Angela leans her head against the window and stares out of it until the car slows to a stop. She grabs her bags and steps out onto the walk way. She looks at her surroundings, not amused, and reluctantly drags herself away from the train.


Oh, never again Angela. I will never step foot-

Suddenly Albert comes running out of the train waving a book.



She quickly turns around, surprised.


How did you know my name?

Albert reaches her a little out of breath.


It’s in…your book. You left it in your seat.

He smiles as he hands it to her.


Oh, thanks so much.

He smiles back at her.


Of course. Well I gotta run.

He begin to walk backwards.


Trains leavin’

He turns around and does a full sprint back towards the car. Angela is left in her place. She looks down at the book and shakes her head. She turns around and continues walking.


Fannnnntastic. Now he thinks I’m some stupid nerd that has nothing better to do than read books all day. God, I hate trains, public transportation, people, I’m done. Never again.

She reaches her bike that is chained up. She leans down to open the lock and drops her book, a piece of paper falls out of it. She shrugs as she picks up the book. She leans back as she notices the note.



She braces herself before opening it, but then her eyes suddenly widen, and a smile appears across her face. The note reads: WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR ART. DRINKS SOMETIME? -ALBERT 908-555-6724. She looks around in amazement and LAUGHS.


God, I love trains. Best. Trip. EVER!

She hugs the note and her book to her chest overwhelmed with happiness. She proceeds to ride down the board walk graciousy towards the sunset…



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