Frames Per Second

I came from somewhere

but my somewhere is different

than your somewhere


He said your eyes only captures

10 frames per second. Your mind

just fills in the rest.

All of the obvious details


But the in between times—


What if we miss the color or a very simple clue?

Something that would have made every second

predictable like a math equation that no one wants to

slow down and



It’s all so simple, the images all just stand for something

else– years added up to one image to make


right now.


That car you just happen to be sitting in

the cigarette that you just happen to be smoking.

Every second that you look down it gets closer and

closer to the filter


And it’s only a matter of time before

you just throw it out the window.

(Or put it in an ashtray.)


((But probably just throw it out the window.))



There’s just

too much to see,


a rounded earth



your eyes

only see right in front of you.


So we write in the moments in between,

and we capture them like pictures, like


home videos


And we


our seats back,

watching or reading

the memories

to see all of the colors

and read

all of the


fine print.


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