“That’s a lot of red for such a small space…” He mumbled, picking up his bag from the corner of the room.
“Well, if you think about it, red brings out the deepest things in people.”

He looked at me questionably, but I forced on.

“Say a young girl walks into this room, and sees the brightness and color vibrating off the walls. She is immediately filled with happiness, and excitement, because for her it’s the color of her favorite dress, or the ball she plays with at recess.  When this color is brought into her life, it means fun and adventure.  Never ending laughter and games, until her mom calls her to dinner, or the school bell rings.  Now let’s say immediately after a man in his late seventies walks in. Dark emotions pour over him as he remembers his late wife’s pair of slippers she wore every Sunday morning before church, or the numerous blood transfusions he sat through with her to try and expand her life just a little longer.  Everyone has emotions towards colors, and the only thing that differs is the reaction it brings out In each individual.”

I don’t think he was looking for a response at all, but I felt in some way Dean, of all people, could understand such a theory.  When I decorated my office this color, I wasn’t looking to be artistic or think outside the box. I wanted answers and pure truth from everyone that stepped inside.


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