John and Yolk’s Tender Ways

They smoke cigarettes
During brunch and dinner
Tobacco and steak, yum!

They bicker about stocks
Bet on racing horses
And lottery tickets, oh hobbies!

They gamble with
All their checks from Friday
Lucky night! Maybe?

They mug school boys
Run off with packed lunches
And midget sized shoes, cute!

They tongue each other down
Until their taste buds explode
And gums tire, red delight!

They fuck
After mass
and every Easter, too sexy!

They burn each other
With oil from frying pans
And the curling iron, bonding!

They beat one another
Finger stapling, iron smacking,
and crotch kicking, passion?

They play Russian roulette
With methheads and meatheads
Golden pistol spins, the lust!

They rip the fur off
kittens, only orange ones
For scarves in the winter, subtle?

They bake cupcakes
Pinkies and thumbs for flavor
Infants for frosting, tasty!

He stabbed the chump
Who called her a “mummified bitch”
The knife stands on their trophy case, sweet John!

She torched the mobster
Who threatened to toast him
Roasted mob meat for supper, oh Yolk!

Old John and Sweet Yolk
Laugh at couple’s counseling
And hate cheating spouses

“All you need is love!”
They sing and preach

John and Yolk,
A couple rich with hope!


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