Let It Rain

Oh, how
these rains have
become so tame.

Gone are
the days relentless
squalls beat against
our squalor,

their power was born
too strong to falter.

It provided
false idols to compensate
for the
trials that made
us traitors,

propaganda in
every pot and
every pan collecting
pain like droplets.

And when the
faucets dried up, window shutters stopped smashing against the veranda, the storm clouds of old stanzas forgot what it meant to thirst.

So I inject thunder
in each blank verse.

Let me be your lightning, a spider web so blinding, that when this house of smoke and mirrors finally catches you’ll wish the roof had never stopped pooling in dirty glasses.

Let me be your hurricane, torrential amputation of water from flames, attached to the hip of optimism it washes away….

(Earth and Air at the
mercy of
fraternal elements.)

Oh clemency,
let it


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