A Break in the Chains

Language is here to
set us free

Putting your foot down
and saying

I will not take this anymore

Rattling the chains of human
instinct and intellect

Communication brings us together
crowds up-roaring gathering around
the dinner table to talk our way out
of another sorry sunset. We won’t
let the sun go down.

Freedom of the tongue
who are you telling?
Just preaching to the choir

all of the things I should have
said when you up and left
well now I’ve got the words
and nobody left to listen.

Screaming bloody murder at the top of
your lungs well we’re all just talk

talk shows
dialogues with gods and governors
figure heads of speeches, figurative
languages rolling off the tongue

They’re saying change is in the
air. Just gotta wait for the seasons
to catch their breath.

Even the dead never die.

Just transform.


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