I found the lord, yes i did, yes i did!
Inside of a green civic
Yes, yes, the strangest of places
The voice of authority smacked my ear drums
touched my thigh
grabbed my palms,
“So soft” god said
“So fucking soft, for a guy.”

god is real!

The skin on my neck —
pierced, red, bitten by the holy one,
the flesh torn inside.
Is this my purpose?
Burns and burns,
Oh, god licked the burns
healed the bruised pigment
for the lord is the real doctor

god is good!

the out of body experience
the holy hands feeling
the back of my neck
i testify
the creator
is real!

for god pulled me by the shirt
called me a “handsome motherfucker”
pecked my lips
and bit them,
to remind me that god is love,
but also authority

i am the instrument,
a tool of the divine.

god is love!

the lord proved well
and i climaxed, climaxed, climaxed
with visions of Armageddon and sounds of brass horns
angels, operatic fat women, zombies from the ground
too red for my eyes not to burn and cry

i left the civic
gave god a rose
my shirt collar ruffled
my neck red and pumping

as I saw the holy spirit drive off
and I testify it was god!
who else could make a savage boy
feel so damn loved?

god is real!
god is good!
god is love!

and god went down on me that night.


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