I was driving home one rainy night and noticed a man having some car trouble.  He looked so confused and lost that I couldn’t drive away and let him soak.  With my knowledge, from seeing my father work in his shop for so many years, I thought I could be of assistance.

I pulled over and approached him.  After talking with the man, and seeing how clueless he was about his rental car, I took a look under the hood.  It was a simple.  No coolant.  I explained this to him and luckily I had some in my truck.  I walked around to go and grab it and the man slipped and stumbled into the busy street.  He was killed on impact they said.

Witnesses say I pushed him, and as time went on the stories got more detailed.  We were in a “heated argument”.  He had cut me off, and I followed him to pick a fight.

The more people talked, the worse my reputation got.  I was a kind, and caring husband who worked at the grocery store.  Now I am a road raged, maniac, struggling to keep my house.  All because I wanted to help a man fix his car.  My story never changed, but I am only one man.  The truth was in the numbers, no matter how unbelievable they were.


In response to:  Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave Your Shoes at the Door.


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