Slip Stream Slumber

Raindrops, like

Iridescent fish scales

Plastered, on the windshield

Catching light from street lamps

Flashing as we pass by


The road, our dark downstream

Current, cutting and curving

Alongside the mountain that

Overlooks the pale light pool

Of the valley basin below


Dew drop leaves hang low

Overhead, waver in our wake,

Fluttering down, we pass

With such speed, the leaves

Remain, suspended in midair,

Green morsels floating,

Awakening a curious hunger


We slip out of the main flow,

Follow a leisurely tributary

Where it trickles to a shallow niche,

A pool of calm, temperate water

To hold safe our cold, blue bodies


Faint though it feels,

Gentle as it caresses,

The water whisks

Our weary thoughts away

To catch elusive sleep


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