I guess I always look like I’m going nowhere.

Hands always somewhere else, my phone the steering wheel.
People always ask, “where am I supposed to put my hands?”

Like your hands determine where you’re going

With a conversation,
left right up down.
A cigarette holder,
now that’s just dying.

So light it up.

Celebrate death while
you’re alive.

Celebrate light
come home before

Celebrate happiness before
she washes her hands of you.

Enjoy yourself before you

It’s like we’re flooded with emotions because we don’t have
forever to feel. We don’t have any room left
in storage, the garage, the desk drawer
emotions always having the
upper hand

It’s like

loveme nowornever.

And if you follow emotions like
road maps, well you’ll always go
a different way.

You’d never


Like my mom always says
“Everything in moderation.”


I guess that even means

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