Sometimes I need the people
to verify my existence.

To tell me that I am the one standing on the cliff side
I am the one sitting in this car that I own speaking these
words that I don’t.

I am here and I am real and all of the figments of
my imagination stem from this being that I somehow
occupy. Neurons swimming about, chemicals probing for a
reaction I am here I am here I am human.

Sometimes I need the traffic to verify that my engine is on
And I am going somewhere with all of these metal people
all trying for something, trying for somewhere to be somebody,
something, even  just a metal machine occupying space, braking and
breaking down

Sometimes I need the wind to remind me that the air is there if I want it
I’ll take it and I’ll be and be and be and I deserve the air I deserve the
lungs, the love, the space, the weight, the cells the cerebral cortex, serotonin,

the backbone.

Oh to be human is
to be tamed.

Because we’re all trees falling, stumbling, through the forest just
wondering if we even make a sound.


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