My Eden

My Eden! My Eden!
Hair greasy, skin tan
She walks the marble boulevard barefoot
Wearing the same old sundress
Of endless red strips, a blue bandana on her wrist
I salute to her

She bites the green apple,
My green apple
Teeth sink inside the hollow juice
Snake venom stings the fruit
Her black lipstick taints its little life
But she doesn’t finish it
Instead throws it at the road
To die

My Eden! My Eden!
I stare at her through the tinted Cathedral window
You pore light that passes
Through the purple glass
I, a sexless being
They look up and call me father,
I am no man!
I want her youth
The life I wasn’t born with

I desire her hand of ignorance, knowledge
And sin
The one she pleasures herself with
The one that flickers Israeli Cigarettes
The one pointing up at me with a middle finger

My Eden! My Eden!
I long her unamerican dream
Of dinners under highway bridges
And night drives in the cars
Of sinners and greasy men
You might tell me to pursue her
No, No, No
This isn’t romance
I created her
To know what sex is
To know what freedom is
To know what life is

Just a walking vision that was once in my head
My Eden! My Eden!
There is no fun in being immortal
I’ll be left here
Even after the cathedral decays
While the fallen ones have all the fun

When you die, another comes
My Eden! My Eden!
I just want to be you






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