Metal Pill: 100% Satisfaction

Metal Pill: 100% Satisfaction



One metal pill,

Take once and

Make the pain



It lusters, glistening

In her palm — her

Potent and promised

Penultimate relief.


She fumbles about

As shaking hands

Force the pill in —

A soft click.


Tears stream down

Her face, as she

Tilts her head back,

Prepared to swallow.


A soft click —

The pill goes down

Hard. Her body

Shudders and stills.


Soft relief washes

Down from her head

To her shoulders —

A rush of red.


Trickling down the

Corner of parted lips,

The pain leaves her;

It seeks out a new host.


Transplanted, the ache

Inhabits the minds and

Souls of those she loved,

A constant reminder.


The hollow echo of

Her voice, silently booms

No guaranteed relief

Available — try again later.


Stinging eyes, red from

Bitter tears — the color

Drained away — darken,

Cloud with despair.


Satisfaction guaranteed,

But never specified.

Displacement assured

And always magnified.


Desire precluded

By simple action —

Indomitable reverb;

Indescribable recoil.



I wish I could do more than

Merely reanimate your memory.

I wish you would have realized:

Pain never dies; it is transferred

In the wake of sadness and despair,

In the midst of sorrow and loss,

Under the dark shadow of longing.


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