One More

We were down to our last one.  Teeth clenched, and pupils so big the color of our eyes were a mystery.  We could have lived in this moment forever.  We split the last one, and that was the end.  Soon our 12 hour vacation would come to a bitter end.  We both knew, we just didn’t want to verbally express our devastation.  Instead we sat and stared in lifted silence, grasping onto the final moments of happiness.  Captivated by the smallest things, and appreciative of our lives at hand. I looked straight into you and saw the greatness I knew was always there.  I couldn’t believe I never saw it before.

Suddenly I realized we were both coming back to the floor of our studio apartment.  Trading greatness for apathy like we asked for it.  This was our lives and whether we liked it or not, the trip was always bound to end.  You crawled over to your backpack and began to rummage through it.  I was in no mood for the ruckus, so I slowly rose and disintegrated into our bed.  “I’ll be okay” I whispered, as I hid under the blankets and covered my head with a pillow.  I could hear you crawling towards me, and I felt the bed sink as you put your arms around me.  You turned me around and I faced you with irritation, and then relief.  You opened your hand and put it up to my mouth.

“One more?”


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