For Laura’s Eyes Only (Two)

remember when we used to lie on our opposite beds for hours daydreaming and then tell each other what we were dreaming about (I feel like your head is like a second head to me) and in all of our dreams we were everything we wanted we had everything we needed and our brains would tick like the clock and time would waste away in an empty bar no back support as he relies on a bar stool to keep him upright we gave him gray hairs we gave him an ache we dodged him we ducked him we defeated him with our heavy imagination we sidestepped through reality and all of the fun was elsewhere all of the places were nowhere and now the world is our mind and we’ll explore it we’ll drown our fears in the ocean we’ll chill our troubles over ice we’ll test the waters of distance we’ll put distance to shame because there is no stopping us there is no stealing us there is no place I’d rather be than elsewhere I’m glad you’ve found your elsewhere


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