Memories Painted Green

You were bright green when I purchased you

I tried you on and you fit perfectly to me

Having comfort mixed with style, you sucked me in

You were there for first dates

Movie nights

Long car rides

Life changing moments

Always fitting and never wearing down

You remained a strong piece of clothing

Now I have taken advantage of your strength

I can no longer bring you everywhere I go

You are beaten with burns and holes

I washed you far too many times

Your cloth has turned loose and thin

You are just a raggedy shirt I can’t seem to toss out

If only you had a mind of your own to leave and be in a better place

I don’t want to be the one to throw you away

Who knows what will become of you if I do

Hide someplace deep in my closet where I can’t find you

I will fold you nicely, one last time and tuck you away

I will never find a shirt quite like you again

But now it’s time to go our separate ways

Maybe someday I will lend you to a friend to sleep in

They will take you away from here

And we can both start fresh

You see, we are too different now to stay together

I hope one day you will understand

I had to let you go


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