Back in 2012, a group of six or so friends and I sat together at a hookah bar and discussed making a home for our writing. Mostly, all of the writing concocted went unseen unless emailed to a friend or two for advice. The writing sat collecting virtual dust on hard drives—waiting for that moment to be sent out into the world and be appreciated by additional thirsty eyes. A month or so later, a website was launched. At first, it was initially just to get all of the writers and artists I knew together to have an online workshop where they can share and comment on each other’s work. The work was no longer homeless. With a destination we began cranking out more work. The proper motivation was set in place.

Slowly, over time, I began recruiting other writers, some from across the U.S. and Canada that I’d met through WordPress, others I’d met in Los Angeles through daily living (classes, parties, etc.). Eventually, the idea of starting up a publishing company began to germinate in my mind. Of course, like most thoughts, the idea itched at me until finally all of the research seemed to align and the process finally began.

Now two and a half years later, it is with great honor and pleasure to announce the release of Paper Plane Pilot Publishing’s first anthology Reasons to Never Return. This anthology is a collection of poetry, prose, short stories, and flash fiction by fifteen Paper Plane Pilot voices ranging from traditional to experimental writing.

Thank you so much for your continued readership. Without your support, our work would have no home.


-Sara Khayat


To learn more about each writer, visit our about us page.

To view or purchase Reasons to Never Return click the image below.




16 thoughts on “Announcing

                  1. Depends on grade level. 9th is more for essential skill building while sophomores read world, juniors read American, and seniors read British lit. It’s fun but I like teaching writing the most.

                    1. So true! Being a writer myself (at least that’s what I attempt to be without pay or publishing. Haha!) really helps because I know what it feels like to be stuck.

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