drunken debates and water weight

Bonus reading of the poem.

i’m a sucker for fireworks and facebook notifications libations and lemon pepper chicken wings mr. economist get rid of these long run graphs projecting broken scales and liver disease and show me the short run water weight and drunken debates about the best footballer around that devolve into passionate half-joking promises of going gay for ronaldo mr. economist let me have her this one time please this one slice of Italian cream cake and save your calorie counting for someone less desperate mr. economist I know what you think about the two of us that we’re coiled and charged sparking and soaring in the short run and it doesn’t take a physicist to predict the force of the fall we’re headed for but it’s so nice playing with her up here on our pillowy little apex and what about my utility right now mr. economist do I toss it with the hair i’m tearing out fighting over her with you mr. economist get those red long run numbers out of my face you fucking smug you fucking piece of you mr. economist forget it it’s time for lunch mr. economist get me a chicken chopped salad goddammit mr. economist I can’t stand it when you’re right


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