Ur face +d hart caressed my I,
libr8ing me from darkness. U
r 2 whom I blong, so b(you)tiful
+d wise, nevr truly noing
da strngth of ur gr8 gorgeousness.
In retrn, I dare re(her)se these lines
of epic (row)mance, carried down
da stream of lyf, 2 remove da uncer(ten)ty
which culd deflower +d infuri8
that which has al(red)y been lost,
with da depature of my formr
n(1)ne lives. I (all)ways own(ly)
wish 4 more aftr cing u, in da hopes
my gr8  😀 ness will not b und1
da mo(meant) b4 this whirl(d)
smiles upon my f8. M1y +d 4tune
so oftn corrupt this atmos(fear)
with scandl +d fake seniti(meant),
but prhaps such p(our)r on this occasn
will not c us floundr 4evamor.


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