In-flight Magazine (Call for Submissions)

Currently, our In-flight literary magazine is under construction. This literary magazine will be published in issues (we have issues) by Paper Plane Pilot Publishing separate from Paper Plane Pilots. In the meantime, we are opening submissions to everyone. If you would like your work to be considered for our first issue, please e-mail thepaperplanepilots@gmail[DOT]com.

For poetry, please submit 3-5 poems for consideration. To get a feel for our style, feel free to roam around our site (take off your shoes, pour a drink, just don’t piss on the couch).

For fiction, our word count limit has no minimum (feel free to run with that) and the maximum is 2,500 words.

For screenplays, yes, you totally heard me right. Since we are based in Los Angeles, we have decided to shine more of a light on screenwriters as writers. Do you know who wrote your favorite movie? Most people don’t. Because, like Modest Mouse says (yes, I quote Modest Mouse for everything) “All them people you knew were the actors.” So, we’re publishing short screenplays. The art of screenwriting does not need to hide behind the scenes. As far as page count, there is no minimum, maximum would be about eight pages.

Simultaneous submissions are totally fine with us but please PLEASE please notify us as soon as humanly possible if it is published elsewhere.

Previously published work is okay, just let us know where so we can give proper credit where it’s due.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any form of payment at this time. We allow one submission per issue per person.

If there is anything else I forgot to mention feel free to bring it up in the comments below or email us if you’re a shy writer (totally unheard of).

Submissions close August 30th 11:59 PST. We aim to publish the first issue October 1st, 2014.



8 thoughts on “In-flight Magazine (Call for Submissions)

    1. Apologies for the late reply! I was out and about all day yesterday. You can still submit because I totally made you miss the deadline. Just put in the email “Sara Khayat was the reason I missed the deadline.” haha

      Yeah, if it’s on your blog that’s fine. You own the rights. If it was published in your college’s lit mag you can just indicate that for the appropriate work.


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