A Conversation Between Couples

Great difficulty is spared nonetheless in moments vast, where conversation is unending, don’t you think? When Ian questioned Rachel’s gaze, he did so with a disapproval that caused her spine to shudder. ‘I saw you look at the other man! I saw you! I saw you!’ Fine, you busted me, Rachel replied, but can I honestly be blamed? You pepper me with ridicule and believe myself dishonest. I cannot live beneath such scrutiny. If you could provide fair reason, as to why my eyes are unwelcome on the souls of others, not unlike the sun upon the petals of a rose, perhaps I would have reason to consider your quandary. ‘You live with me’ Ian cried, ‘I am your betrothed. What is that word I search for? Really, what is that word, which describes what is stronger still than love? Whether it appears within my mind is irrelevant, for your eyes, much like your heart, should not wander evermore!’ Bullshit spat Rachel, her hand in a fist, your words benign your truth. My eyes are there to look, nothing more, my heart, as always, is yours. But your accusal ruptures this once great love, and alas, I am left so discontent. ‘But your eyes, my dear, are the window to your feelings, and if they drift, like an unanchored ship on the ocean, what does that say about you? If ever there was a dynasty in my heart, you would be its queen, even after my accepting the truth; you are a panther, with the heart of a kitten, vying to remain untamed, whilst I am a lone hyena, desperately searching for his ballet partner.’ Perhaps by placing a hash tag before my word, it would miraculously have more meaning. Either way, I am who I am, and you chose me as your paramour, knowing these supposed flaws when our fling began. ‘A fling?’ Yes, a fling! And if but another question regarding my character is flung towards my heart, I will have abandoned you the moment the insult broached your lips. Ian looked at the ground, his soul having taken a wallop. Alas, what would you have done, or I for that matter, in such a circumstance? Uncertain, as always, unless provoked by situation, but it was Ian who tipped his hat to Rachel in that moment, commending himself for realizing what it is he did. To be truly naked is to open up your heart, rather than the disrobing of attire before the commencement of animalistic love making. Although I dare not desert thee now on the cusp of a narrator’s end, even I am unsure how I would phrase the truth of this palpitating heart of mine to an intoxicating paramour. Perhaps the admittance of the following would be a testament to true love’s salvation? If I could satisfy my grief with tears, and release the noose wrapped upon my bereft heart; if I could forget when we were as one, our heartbeats tirelessly stirring a crusade of mountainous passion; if I could die a million deaths a million times a day, then I would have forgotten you, just as I would have forgotten happiness, for the good and the pain are a liquid combination of enticing flavors, conspiring to bring my soul into the harbor of your pioneering love. But this was not what Ian said. ‘I suppose…you should be allowed…to look where you wish…without my cutthroat observation.’ I would think so too said Rachel, their fingers embracing the new ground now uncovered. And thus, an abrupt ending is established upon the page as yet another relationship sails across the blissful shore, bidding farewell to the dear readership.


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