For Laura

we were like
birds roosting on a
telephone wire

watching the
world conducting
its orchestra

we never seemed
to clap at the sun
going down

never gave it a
standing ovation
only waiting

for the time
to leave our
perch and fly

the sky without
worrying about
who’s watching

pointing toward solitude
because the earth
below just didn’t

make sense to us

we made the world
our runway


11 thoughts on “Takeoff

        1. You do have a lot of poem sequels. haha Like The semi-true stories.

          haha I used to make every poem have two titles. I stopped doing it like a year ago.

          Poem Title (Another Title Because I Can Never Say Enough)

          1. yeah, I even wrote one to make fun of the sheer number of sequels (Part Zero). I’ve also grown out of double titles, they were fun to come up with (but so vain). 😛

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