more than you’ll ever know

for brittany 

if we can survive a day without setting anything on fire or collapsing on the ground the sidewalk the back-door bench with chipping paint then we’re doing something right that poor screen door i’m sorry for burning a hole in your shirt how many years ago and i’m certain of why we met on the ground because i knew you were down to earth before you even parted your mouth and i’m glad the pieces sync together same cigarette schedule same order of coffee and even though sometimes the hours don’t work out we still manage to make minutes count and there you go again fixing things that aren’t even broken yet and there is strength there below the skin there is muscle holding us together there are ghosts in our guts that we tame with chemicals survivor’s song overpowering the stereo i asked if you could stomach it and you told me just not to breathe i inhale the day and say goodnight world i’ll have you now


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