Christmas in July

of fairness and
good taste, an act this
belated writer does remember,
why did the
festivities come too late?
Why was there to be no Christmas
last July, when assurances and promises
from past precedents,
beckoned me to comprehend
the coming of Saint Nicholas, five months
ahead of schedule. Trying to be incorruptible is not
always as it seems, the niceties of mortal instruments experiencing
their grandest battle on
a daily basis. Rest assured, the
consequences are unwavering, but to cancel
the arrival of a jolly guardian is an act I find difficult to
comprehend, for why should children suffer plight that potentially
only I deserve? I strongly wish for this ritual to be returned one day, so the smiles painted
upon the faces of young
children, remain ever
free and pleasant, in
a world, where our
happiness is not
a guarantee.


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