My Heart Might Be Broken, But What Do I Know?

My heart is a paraplegic, according to doctors

it has been fractured in several areas, functionality

of its beats are from the waist down.

It only pulses in a downward direction,

everything else is numb, dead, unmovable,

even if I dance my heart simply whispers defeat.

I remember when the beats were symphonic,

a musical rhythm that counteracted my steps,

pulsations that moved as intimately as sex, especially

if it’s done right, thump-da-de-thumps that I could

actually feel without placing my hand over my chest,

my left breast is left empty, languidly hanging in an area

without warmth. I try watching porn to stimulate

rhythmic sequences, not even the girl on girl action

can quake a beat. I wake up breathless in my restless

attempts to stay alive in my sleep, not knowing when

my heart will give out its last beat.


One thought on “My Heart Might Be Broken, But What Do I Know?

  1. And so, you’d lost whatever it is that made your hearts tremble, and you desperately wanted to find that back, but you can’t, can you? Because after some things are lost, they don’t come back.

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