I Told Him He Was Beautiful

I believe I wrote him way too many love poems,

told him that he was beautiful, unearthly in strength

and stature, strong-minded, resilient, spirited. Told him

that our souls communicated through laughter,

a deep stare, a touch, a kiss. Told him that

the syncopation of our heartbeats matched in sound,

rhythm, fluidity, pace. It was as though we made love in silence,

not touching, eyes closed, lips shut.

I told him that my love for him was undying,

forever growing, unbending, a pulse rising.

I told him to stay with me, to love me, breathe in

the scent of the Earth with me, to open his eyes

to the misty sunrise with me, say good night to the stars with me,

to sink his feet into the sand with me, to enjoy this life with me,

he told me, that was never enough.


2 thoughts on “I Told Him He Was Beautiful

  1. Oh dear I thought I was the only one. But yes sometimes we give our all. Our time. Our love. Bits and pieces of our souls…. And it’s never enough.

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