a healthy helping of ziti

i wish i were a bulldozer toothy predator tycoon business owner more tony soprano less tony shalhoub less monk-like more ready to fight at the slightest slight might is right and damn my transposable eyes eying the child with the piercing cry punching and kicking the air in the car seat in the civic when it swerves my way while my own annoyed cries catch somewhere in the larynx when i remember the deserved honks over the years directed at me scarce maybe but there and i wish i had forward-facing eyes only one angle available at a time but life is a complex clusterfuck of systems and cells and cycles and souls when people are human and sometimes i wish they would just be bags of meat to me but it’s a two-way street and i don’t like the idea of tony soprano salivating like i’m a healthy helping of ziti


6 thoughts on “a healthy helping of ziti

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