for j.d. salinger

i am guilty.

i am part of the world that
you yourself were constantly
trying to run from.

i am guilty of wanting more
upon googling quotes by you
to get a little more to have
something more to hold on

a headline read
“revealed—j.d. salinger
was born with one testicle.”

and i understood the need
to withdraw

i understood why
this unsolicited flesh
this human skin
these breakable
crumbling bones
are nothing to be
proud of.


2 thoughts on “Recluse

  1. And so you still struggled, to find that much-needed balance between the two forces that are pulling at you, hope you find that state of equilibrium you are desperately searching for, because I KNOW how tiresome it can be, to get pulled like that too.

    1. It was like “fuck you” was spray-painted on his tombstone.

      When the only commentary headlines can make about the late J.D. Salinger is about his testicles, I have no reason to leave my bed. The gravitational pull that leads me from my grave is the fact that maybe there’s a shimmer, something to cling to. I find that in books.

      Granted, I didn’t actually read the article, so I have no idea what they were getting at.

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