No Words

So many minutes I’ve listened to songs of others
and sung along blindly to the distant choruses
never asking, what the fuck does it even mean?

So many hours spent on television
browsing channel through channel, wasteland
where I account for the lives of strangers – thieves, mothers, cops, cross-dressers
all who I don’t know
all who do not exist

So many nights fixated at the words of the dead
stories of the unreal, stories of the real
with characters that live and die, animated in the pores of your mind
mouth gasping at their words,
as the final page turns

So many lives spent listening to the words of others
voices passing through the dinner meals and sweet chit-chat
artificial accounts of success
while I falsely smile feigning interest
suffocating my brain with their plastic dialogues

An entire existence unspent on my story
never hearing my heart pump and feeling its strikes against my chest
do the sounds of my voice not divide seas of interest?
the life of I, is of far more unfamiliarity
than that of others

The mirror reflects a man I never loved
I see all the undiscovered birthmarks in this terrain
all my life consumed by the parades of others
and it’s been nothing but a series of endless bore.

Suede Expression


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