The Ultimate Woman

The Ultimate Woman

This is for the Woman

That shines through darkness’s

Crippling chokehold on the world.

And breaks free of its insecurities.

This is for the Woman

That keeps running when she’s broken,

Accepts her struggles as challenges,

Achieves the power of greatness.

This is for the woman

That has been a target of ridicule

by others who couldn’t accept their failures

Nor understand her strength.

This is for the Woman

That enjoys her glass of wine before slipping under the covers

After a day’s work, running around

Taking care of others.

This is for a Woman

That whispers shit twice a year

Followed by “excuse my French” and a ramble of apologies

This is for my Mom

the Woman who continues to give advice

Even though I didn’t listen the first time.

For my mommy

 Who listens to my sobs and

 Catches the tears I shed

Over the stupid boys I waste my time with.

This is for my Mother who still laughs with me

Despite my temporary disbelief in God

And Moses parting the red sea.

These words here is for the Woman

 That never raised a hand to punish only to soothe,

Pointed a finger to encourage not scold.

She deserves everything beautiful in life.

Mom, this is for you.

Happy Birthday



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