A Woman Cadaver

Men swarm me like flies sucking the sweet nectar from a corpsed mango core, undress me brilliantly in rosy honey bare skin. They rip sticky fabric from off my flesh with their eyes, tasting me through my cherry tinged scent, lips bitten into dimly, stretching the soft elastic brim where teeth and tongue meet. They pull me onto their rugged built erection induced by the moist warmth of my mouth, a tang of raw meat blemished by a whiff of


I am worn, undone by their tumultuous girth, teased and strung along, weakening my ability to perform powerfully as a wild animal in heat, no longer engaged by the back and forth motion of our stares. They tie me up, shackled to a torched branchless tree, sot and hazy ash paint my complexion dark, marking the areas they chafe purple with their naked hands. They powder me softly with their wooly tongues, speaking murmurs into my mouth as quickly as their commitment to my body escapes them.


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