What is this?

What gives you the right to take advantage of my innocence?
You blinded me with your confidence
I followed you into hell

The influence you had on my decisions was inescapable
I was drowning and you asked if I wanted something stronger to drink
My nose bled and you convinced me to chase the dragon until we saw the sun

You took your hammer, wet with chemicals, and smashed through my personality
Destroying my filter and forever breaking the kind, caring mind I once took pride in
To this day I don’t know why I trust you

Terrible memories weaken my body thinking of the time we spent together
I had to get away to save myself
Maybe someday I will be strong enough to face you again

For now I can’t bear even a single sentence
Not even a glance in your direction
Because I know I would fall right back into hell with you

You almost killed me

More than once

And I would still put all my trust in you

If that isn’t lust I don’t know what is


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