The Way a Man Loves

Have you ever examined a man

piece-by-piece, limb to limb,

noticing his naked jawline,

the way it moves to form words

as his mouth opens and closes,

telling you that he needs you,

the way his eyes latch onto you,

trapping you inside his stare,

a strange prison filled with

micro-combative organisms

chaining you motionlessly to

his soulless grey walls.

He undresses you, burning

away muscle tissue from bone,

revealing the purples trailing

along your unoxygenated blood,

exposing organs painted lifeless

abandoned outside an icy cold body.

He drains you empty, eats you

whole, sinks his teeth into your

soul, leaves you lifeless, an emptiness

fueled by love, a barrenness blackened

and seared by his possession over

the frigid frail breaths you breathe.


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